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Porridge – rice, rolled oats, manna – croup.
Pies – stuffed with smashed potatoes, pies with cream, sweet rolls.
Blini– spring rolls filled with cheese.
Omelet, boiled sausages, boiled eggs.
Assortment of sausages and ham (“Nikora”).
Tomato and cucumber salad.
Butter, choclate butter.
Varieties of cheese-“Imeruli,” “sulguni,” manufacture.
Sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt.
Maize whole – meal, mus –sel.
Honey, jam, local jam.
Tea, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, milk, fresh juice.
Lemon, assortment of fruit.
Varieties of bread.


Soup without meat – vegetable soup, mushroom soup, borsh(beetroot and cabbage soup).
Meat soup – quenelle, chicken broth, boiled beef, beef soup with rice and georgian spices and garlic (“soup – kharcho”).
Meat dishes – meat stuffed cabbage roll,stewed veal, chicken soup with tomato, fried chicken with potatoes( “ ojakhuri chicken”), fried pork with potatoes ( “ojakhuri por”).
Vegetable dishes – ajapsandali ( ratatouille with aubergines , potatoes, sweet pepper and tomato) red bean with georgian spices and green bean, sweet peper stuffed with rice, tomato and carrot).
Cutlet, kebab, bestroganof, fried chicken, fried beef.
Garnish – smashed potataoes, boiled pasta, rice, buckwheat.
Tomato and cucumber salad, vegetable tort, crab salad, salad “Mirage:, salad “General,” salad “Eleonora,” stewed mushroonms with potatoes.
Stuffed aubergines with georgian spices and walnuts, spinach with walnut and georgian spices.
Tomato sauce, tkemali ( home – made plum sauce), ketchub.
Fruit assortment.
Fresh juice, coca cola, fanta, sprite.
Variaeties of coffee.
Variaties of bread.


Cutlet, kebab, bestroganof, fried chicken, fried beef, stewed beef, fried chicken with potatoes, fried pork with potatoes.
Garnish – smashed potatoes, fried potatoes, ghomi, stewd pasta rice, buckwheat.
Tomato and cucumber salad, vegetable tort, crab salad, “ojakhuri mushroo.”
Pelmeni stuffed with cheese, meat, mushroom.
Sweet pilaw (boiled rice).
Khachapuri – imeruli, megruli,achma, lobiani, pizza.
Varieties of cakes with or without cream.
Cream butter, chocolate butter, butter for fast .
Cheese – imeruli, sulguni, manufacture.
Sour cream ,cottage cheese ,yogurt.
Tea, coffee ,cocoa,hot chocolate,milk.
Varieties of bread.


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